• Control the Content Experience

    With 67%+ of the buyer’s journey happening digitally, your busy prospects need the best possible experience with your content -and you need to better control and track what they see and read.

    LookBooks let marketing & sales aggregate & sequence the parts of your buyer’s journey into an engaging, trackable experience that tells you who is ready to buy.

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  • Identify Buyer Signals

    Knowing that Bob Smith clicked on a link is good.

    Knowing that Bob Smith spent 53 seconds reading your product spec and 1 minute 27 seconds watching your case study is better.

    LookBooks track exactly how your prospects engage with your content. LookBook engagement data can be used for lead scoring, segmentation and measuring content effectiveness.

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  • Fully integrated with the leading MAPs

    You can easily add LookBooks to leading Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) emails and landing pages to make them more visual and engaging.

    The engagement data is fed back to your MAP on a per prospect basis so that you can use this data for leading scoring, workflows, segmentation and insight.

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    • Features

      LookBooks are a new tool for modern marketers. By controlling the content experience, LookBooks maximize content engagement while you've got your prospect's attention - and a whole lot more too.

    • Use Cases

      Do LookBooks work? Yes. Our customers see up to 300% higher engagement using LookBooks across a wide range of marketing activities - including newsletters, demand generation and lead nurturing.

    • Integrations

      LookBooks integrate with the leading marketing automation and CRM solutions, allowing B2B marketers and sales teams to track how prospects have engaged with the content you’ve sent them.

    • NoHopeMarketing

      No Hope Marketing White Paper

      Marketing shouldn't be based on hope. But it frequently is. Find out where the hope is in your marketing & learn how to replace hope with control to improve your marketing ROI.

    • Eloqua Survey

      Eloqua Content Survey

      The state of content marketing among the Eloqua community in 2014 with benchmark data to help your marketing activities and to establish best practices

    • eBook

      Storytelling eBook

      The B2B Marketer’s Ultimate Guide to Storytelling: How to connect with audiences in a busy, noisy, visual world. See 8 key lessons and 16 real cases.

    • The stops on your buyer’s journey are scattered all over the web. Do the heavy lifting for your prospects and package your story up for them.

      “Instead of hoping your prospects sees the third party article that validates your company’s approach, finds the right part of your white paper, watches your case study video and remembers the press release you sent them, why not package it all up into a single artifact that focuses their engagement and tells you what they read?

      LookBooks enable this. One stop storytelling at its best.”

      Tracy Staniland, VP Marketing, Asigra

  • Companies using LookBooks include:

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    • ceridian
    • cetera
    • alcatel
    • merrill
  • This is a LookBook

    • This is a LookBook

      You can embed LookBooks on landing pages, in emails or share via social networks.