• Capitalizing on Buyer Intent: Updating Our Definition of Engagement

    Much has been written about the critical nature of “speed to lead” or “speed to contact.” This typically refers to the amount of time it takes for a sales rep to attempt contact with an inbound lead. Benchmarks abound on how quickly you need to get in touch before your prospective buyer is off thinking [...]

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  • Moneyball Marketing: 5 Ways Marketers Can Game the System with Engagement Metrics

    Recently, I re-watched Moneyball with Brad Pitt on Netflix and it got me thinking about how marketers gauge success. Can you call your content strategy a victory if you don’t really know how your content is working to engage buyers? If you haven’t seen the movie, Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane (played by Pitt) must [...]

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  • Cooking for Chefs or What I’ve Learned Marketing to Marketers

    I’m a marketer who markets marketing technology to marketers. It’s incredibly meta and akin to cooking for chefs. It’s also a luxury I’ve come to appreciate. As the ideal target prospect for the product your company sells, you have an unfair advantage. You intimately know the pains, fears and needs of your buyer, making it [...]

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  • Engagement in the Netflix Era – New Research on Always-on Nurturing

    Hot off the presses On Friday, LookBook released new research via the Marketo blog on how the on-demand era has changed the game for B2B marketing – and what digital marketers can learn from Netflix. LookBookHQ’s new Insight Guide reveals the 7 things you need to know to engage your prospects in the Netflix era. [...]

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  • What Can B2B Marketers Learn from IKEA?

    By Sally Carr, Director of Business Development, LookBookHQ We’ve all been there: You make a trip to IKEA to pick up one thing – some of those tea lights from the marketplace, let’s say – and what happens? You end up leaving with a carload of flat-packed boxes, having spent way more than you intended. [...]

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  • 3 things I Learned at Marketo Marketing Nation Summit

    This year, the LookBookHQ team and I attended our first Marketing Nation Summit. We loved meeting Marketo customers and chatting about the really inspiring things they’re doing. For all of us who attended #MKTGNATION, now that we’ve been back at our desks for a few weeks, it’s time to take what we learned and start [...]

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  • 3 Things I Took Back from Oracle’s MME 2015

    If you attended Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience, chances are your head’s still reeling from all the great marketing ideas and conversations. This year’s event offered modern marketers the opportunity to learn from leading B2B brands who are “walking the walk” when it comes to engaging with their busy audiences. Here are three important takeaways I [...]

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  • Updates to LookBook – Eloqua Integration

    Our April 6th and 13th releases include some updates to the engagement data format for the LookBook – Eloqua integration. New LookBook Custom Object Format Historically, for each LookBook pushed to Eloqua, there is a corresponding Custom Object generated to store the engagement data (per LookBook); however we’re introducing a single Custom Object that contains [...]

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  • LookBookHQ’s supercharged integration with Marketo empowers marketers to deliver personalized content and track real engagement

    San Francisco – April 14, 2015 – LookBookHQ, the leading engagement marketing platform focusing on personalized content, today released a major update to its integration with Marketo, Inc. (NASDAQ: MKTO), the leading provider of engagement marketing software and solutions. The supercharged integration allows Marketo customers to use the LookBook Content Canvas to design and deliver [...]

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  • March 2015 New Features

    Our much anticipated update to LookBooks is here, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! While you’ll still be able to create the LookBooks you know and love, we have a whole new host of features to make your experience even better. Here we will give you a brief update on [...]

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